Hello friend !

Why start a blog ? Well, I’m bored…mainly! But also, because I’d like to share my humble experiences with stuff I broke, stuff I fixed, stuff I made, and stuff I didn’t understand but now I do; hoping to bring an added value to anyone who happens to read my future articles by chance, and wishing to grow, myself, while writing and researching to fact check my articles.

This is also a challenge for me, because I hope to maintain a steady rhythm and challenge myself to have more discipline. So i’ll try to publish something at a rate of once a week, to once a year depending on my free time between work and personal projects (trying to stay true to myself here haha).

Oh, btw, as you can see from the title, you can already expect me to use a lot of references from TV Shows and movies, haha.


Well, this is all I have to say for now… See ya!


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